Since 2018 DNZ worked alongside growing foreign actor agency International Native Casting to navigate social media, raise reputation, develop presence, and globalize.

In the first year partnered with DnZ, IN-Casting obtained a 50% sales increase and about the same in the second year. During this time, IN-Casting also landed Philips WorldWide as their biggest client, a 25.5% increase in high-quality sign-ups in the first year and a 41.1% increase in year two.  The team also landed partners in Shanghai, Moscow, and Seoul.


Marketing, Content, Growth, Presence, Solutions, Strategy & Training, Flyering, Street Casting.

-Re-branding, marketing, visual/art/creative direction on social campaigns, and event content
-Creating templates for targeted Ads Lists, Hashtag List, following trends, and pinpointing value concepts for culture
-Creating sales communication templates and client lists
-Page Development: Linkedin Company Page, Instagram Page, Twitter page, and Google Maps development
-Design and developed tone of voice
-Created blogs and posts with means to raise SEO
– Onboarding, Coaching, Training & Managing for temps
-Content Production & Editing: Actor Videos, Actor Photos, Showreel, Team Photos, Blogs


-Re-Branding Manual
-FB Strategy
-Marketing Training Manual
-Sales & Communication Templates
-Thank you card template and list of top clients & actors
-Social Pages: Facebook Business, Linkedin business & Private (for intern login), Twitter, Youtube, Instagram
-Content: Videos, Photos, Audio, Campaigns, Ads, Promos, Blogs
-Playlists: 16 Youtube Content Playlists


KPIs 2018-2021:

99.49% increase in followers with no marketing budget
100% increase and 1254 followers with no marketing budget
100% increase 794 followers with no marketing budget
100% 34 followers with no marketing budget
100% 35 followers with no marketing budget

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