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Despite only having 2 months, we teamed up with Residential Real Estate to rebrand, modernize, and globalize. Our tasks included digital art direction, rebranding, tone of voice, digital marketing, content, social media development, strategy, content curation, ads, SEO, and social media training to members of the team. We successfully started up Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and had a 95% Increase in Facebook Followers and a 2248% increase in the reach of the most active post.

Website development, Digital Art Direction, Marketing, Content, Growth, Presence, Visibility, Lead generation, Solutions, Strategy & Training.

-Re-branding, marketing, visual/art/creative direction on social campaigns, and event content.
-Creating templates for targeted Ads Lists, Hashtag List, following trends, and pinpointing value concepts for culture.
-Creating sales communication templates and client lists.
-Page Development: Linkedin Company Page, Instagram Page, Twitter page, and Google Maps development.
-Design and developed tone of voice.
-Created blogs and posts with means to raise SEO.
– Onboarding, Coaching, Training & Managing for temps.
-Content Production & Editing: Actor Videos, Actor Photos, Showreel, Team Photos, Blogs.

Digital Services:
-SM Marketing,
-Business Solutions
-Website Development
-Web Development

-Re-Branding Manual
-Social Media Training Manual
-Sales & Communication Templates
-Social Pages: Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin
-Content: Videos, Photos, Audio, Campaigns, Ads, Promos, Blogs
-Playlists: 16 Youtube Content Playlists
-1/2 year of curated and scheduled Facebook content for their business page.


-95% Increase in Facebook Followers with no budget
-2248% increase in the reach of the most active post

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